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I like to try to keep it original as possible on this blog. But I’ve gotta tell you…there are very few original ideas these days. [I blame the Internet.] I have seen a few different renditions of these candy jars—in so many places that I’m not even sure where to give credit–but I really wanted to make them my own. And if I’m going to make them, I might as well blog about them. I’ve been on a kick of using candlestick to create things recently, and I love how pretty and elegant the candlesticks make these jars look.

I stick with a basic black/brown color to match the furniture in my apartment and left them neutral enough that I can use them throughout the year. I plan on swapping out the bows and candy to match whatever season it currently is. I’m also toying with the idea of filling one with sugar packets and one with stirrers to put next to my coffee maker once I get fat from all of the candy. See? These jars are versatile enough to take you from one addiction to the next.

These could not be simpler to make. I think they literally took me about 20 minutes of hands on time, and then a little time to dry. They’d also be a great gift—especially if you fill them with homemade candy or cookies. Hmm…we may see that on the blog in the future.

Happy crafting!

The Supplies

6 terra cotta saucers ($.75/each)
2 glass vases ($1/each)
1 short wooden candlestick ($3)
1 taller wooden candlestick ($4)
2 wooden knobs ($.50/each)
Acrylic Paint (I used black/brown)
Hot glue and glue gun
Fall Ribbon
Fall Candy

Tip: You can peruse the craft store for pieces that work well together. Below is a photo of how I wanted to build mine, but you can be creative.

The Directions

  1. Begin by using hot glue to assemble your pieces, as such.

  2. Pain the pieces in the color you choose.

  3. Add jars to top. I don’t glue them down, because I wanted to be able to clean them easily. Tie a bow around them and fill with your favorite candy. Could it be any easier???