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photoIf it was up to me, I’d bake and craft and entertain all day long.  But sadly, I’ve got a hefty sum of student loans that require I put that college education to good use.

When I’m not playing Martha Stewart, I work as a Business Intelligence Consultant.  Go ahead, Google it.  I’ll wait.  And if you can come up with a nice, easy way to explain what that means, please do pass it along to my family and friends who tell people i work “in marketing”.  Work requires that I write computer code (no, i’m not kidding) and talk in business terms and travel to see clients.  And I like it.  I really do.  But when I get home from my long commute or a business trip or a stressful day at the office, there’s nothing that makes me happier than unwinding with a glass bottle of wine and a project.

Whether it’s baking or entertaining friends or cozying up my little one bedroom apartment,  I’ve always found that creating something pretty makes me feel home and warm and happy.  This blog is my attempt to share that feeling with you.



4 thoughts on “about the author”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking one of my post. You seem to be quite talented in the kitchen as all your food looks yummy. I definitely can relate to your life and interest as I am also in marketing/brand consulting myself while enjoying unwinding with good food (but I tend to eat out more, which is not really healthy). Hope to get inspired more by your recipes! Keep cookin’ 🙂


  2. Hi!
    Thank you for following our blog and for liking my wine-related post: much appreciated.
    Your blog is very… pretty 🙂 and you sure have some pretty yummy recipes in it!
    Also, who could say no to nine glasses of *good* wine? 😉
    Take care

  3. Hi Amanda.

    Today we nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Check our post http://florastable.com/2012/11/23/the-sunshine-award/ if interested.

    Have a nice day!

  4. Greetings from Australia,
    Good on you for expressing your creative passion. I think it’s important to work to live and express yourself from the heart. Take great care. Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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