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In honor of my favorite American holiday, I thought I’d reminisce back to the first five weeks of the NFL season–when we Philadelphians still believed we might stand a chance at being mildly competitive this season and Paint The Town Pretty was churning out football snack recipes left and right.

If you’re working yourself into a frenzy this morning, googling up a storm of Super Bowl snack ideas that haven’t been beaten into the ground (much like my poor Eagles), I’m here to help you out. Below I’ve listed links to the 5 recipes featured during our Snacks & Sacks Saturdays posts that will leave you feeling superior to the fool who brings veggies to this year’s party. Click on the photos below to be taken to the recipes.

I’ve also solicited Super Bowl viewing tips from our resident football expert, Bob Wankel of Inside The Iggles, to make sure you’re well versed in what’s going on with tomorrow’s game. Happy footballing, kids. And may the gambling gods be ever on your side. ūüėČ

Crab Fry Potato Skins: Philadelphia Style

Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls

Loaded Mashed Potato Bites

Mini String Cheese Stromboli

Cilantro Lime Baked Tortilla Chips

Know What’s Up: Super Bowl Edition
 Bob Wankel
 Inside The Iggles, Editor

Super Bowl 47 will kickoff at 6:30pm on Sunday night. While the game itself is always billed as a marque sporting event, sometimes the games don’t live up to the hype. This one should. So as the game approaches, here are three things you’ll want to know in order to impress at your Super Bowl Party:

  1. Just how big is the Super Bowl? It’s been the most-watched program in American history each of the last three years. It’s more than a game it is an event. CBS will run a 4 hour pre-game show before turning it over to Phil Simms and Jim Nantz for game coverage. CBS will utilize an astonishing 62 camera to cover this game. How many are used during normal regular season games? Good question. Anywhere between 9-12. Like I said, it’s an event.
  2. Looking for some gambling advice? This game figures to be extremely competitive. The Ravens are a 4 point underdog which is a pretty significant number given that many believe Baltimore will win the game outright. But it’s often said that if something is too good to be true, well it probably is. That line suggests to me that Vegas is tempting you to take Baltimore, and if that’s the case, it’s usually for a reason. The 49ers were a better team in what I believe was a better conference this season. And as impressive as Baltimore’s run has been, I believe San Francisco is a deeper and more dynamic squad. I think it’ll be close, but I’ll take the 49ers to cover. Let’s call it 30-24.

3.  Some things you are sure to hear tomorrow night are:

  • “Ray Lewis killed two people.” Lewis was charged with double murder in 2000, but the charges will ultimately be dropped. Lewis was certainly there the night of the incident, but his level of involvement is murky. It’s unfair to call the guy a murderer though.
  • “Ray Lewis used deer antler spray to help him recover from an injury earlier this season.” Believe it or not, deer antler spray contains a chemical called IGF, which works in a similar way to HGH. Both are banned by the NFL. Still, the accusations against Lewis are unfounded, and there’s no reason to believe he used the drug at any point.
  • “Ray Lewis is a self-serving ‘look at me’ athlete.” Well I’ll give you that one.
  • “Jim and John Harbaugh are brothers.” I’d say CBS raises this angle at least eight times tomorrow night. If the game becomes non-competitive, you’ll know more about the Harbaugh family than you do your own by the end of the night.

Enjoy the game.