About one year ago, I decided to do a bit of a test run to see if i enjoyed blogging.  And I got off to a decent start…three whole posts!  I told myself I’d wait until I had ten posts, and then I’d start sending it out to the three Fs—friends, family, and facebook.  And then something odd happened.  I was able to find the time for countless hours of baking and cooking and crafting and decorating, but I could never quite find the time to actually blog.  And just like that, blogging was added to the list of things that I love the idea of doing–you know, like running and couponing.

But there is something about this time of year, when summer is coming to an end and pumpkin recipes start dancing around in my head.  And much like my recent promise to start running again, I think it’s time to try this blogging thing again.