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I love fall. I mean, what’s there not to love?  Pretty leaves. Pumpkin flavors at Dunkin.  Phillies playoffs (I can say this now without jinxing it). Fall is slowly becoming my favorite season. Since the temperature dropped into the 60s today, and my hips need a break from all of the baking, I thought it would be an appropriate time for some Fall crafting!

I can’t remember where or when I learned how to make paper flowers, but I woke up this morning with an urge to make fall decorations, and they seemed like the perfect idea. You can use these flowers for a number of things, but since I needed a wreath, I went in the direction.

Here’s what you’ll need:
    • 8-10 pages of different colored medium weight cardstock in varying fall colors
    • Hot glue gun & glue
    • Wreath base – preferably straw, wicker, or styrofoam
    • Silk ribbon in a coordinating color
That’s it!  That costs like what…$6?  Great deal.

Now here’s how you do it:

I started with a straw wreath base that I bought at a craft store for $3.  You could just as easily use a wicker or styrofoam wreath, whatever suits you best.

For the flowers, I picked up about 8 sheet of cardstock weight scrapbooking paper in varying fall shades.  I used all solids, but for a different look, try using solids and patterns.  The weight of the paper should be a little heavier than regular paper, but still thin enough to be able to roll easily.

I cut the paper into approximate squares.  I cut it into 9 squares to make small red flowers.  For large flowers, cut the paper into 4ths instead.  Different size squares will make different size flowers, so experiment!

I then cut the squares into circles wavy edges.  The circles don’t need to be perfect.  The wavy edges make them look a bit more lifelike.

I then cut a spiral, again with a wavy motion, from the circle.  I did this by eye, but you could lightly draw the spiral with a pencil before cutting if you’d like a guide.

After you’ve cut your cirlce, begin with the outer most part of the spiral and wrap it tightly into a cylinder.

Continue wrapping the rest of the spiral, slowly adjusting the shape from a cylinder to a cone.  This will happen fairly naturally, but might need a little coaxing.  Wrap the paper tightly until you’ve come to the end circle in the middle of your spiral.

Once you’ve wrapped the entire spiral, let it go.  The paper will spring into a flower shape.

To secure the flower, apply hot glue to the circular base of the spiral and press the rest of the flower into it.

You will now have a lovely paper flower!

Repeat with different colors and sizes to create as many flowers as you’ll need to cover your wreath.  I used about 6 large flowers, 8 medium flowers, and 10 small flowers to cover my wreath.

For the leaves, I bought a few different shades of green cardstock.  I cut out the shape above in a number of sizes and shades.

To give the flower a more lifelike quality, I cut a small slit about 1/4 of the way up the leaf.

Then I add a dot of hot glue on one side of the slit…

…and fold over to create a 3D quality to the leaf.

I then layer different sizes and colors to create small leaf bunches.

Once I create all of my flowers and leaves, I began attaching them to the wreath.  I started by hot gluing a leaf onto the wreath…

…and then I choose a flower (I started with a large one) and glue that the wreath.

Work your way around the wreath using different color and size flowers and leaves to create a full look.

After I have all of the flowers and leaves where I want them, I added a red satin bow to the top and a loop to hook on a wreath hangar.

There are a number of different ways you can arrange these flowers and a number of different types of paper you can use.  Have fun experimenting and enjoy!:)